Tour Details

Type of Tour: Beyond Paris Tour

Duration: 4 hours

Daily, except Mondays & Tuesdays

Private Tour Guide & Private Driver included

Tour Highlights: Manoir des Colombieres, The Château d’Auvers, the Auberge Ravoux – Van Gogh’s house, Daubigny’s studio house, the cemetery where Van Gogh and his brother Theo are buried and the famous church painted by the painter.

During this tour, your Licensed Tour Guide will take you to Auvers sur Oise, a village that is located 40 minutes from Paris on the hilly, wooded western banks of the Oise. You will discover the scenes and locations chosen by Pissaro & Cezanne when they painted along this stretch of the river.

Auvers’s most famous association however is with Van Gogh, who came here in May 1890 after his period in the mental asylum at St Remy in Provence. The village has changed remarkably little and much will be familiar to anyone with a knowledge of Van Gogh’s work: the church for instance which was a favorite motif of the artist, the former Café Ravoux now the “Maison Van Gogh” which was his residence, the village’s cemetery, and the enormous wheat field that inspired the greatest works of the artist’s last months.