Tour Details

Type of Tour: Gourmet Tour

Duration: 2 hours

Upon reservation only, up to 8 guests

Tour Highlights: Immerse yourself in one of the most famous French lifestyle: enjoying food! Turn your dining room into a French gourmet restaurant and discover different French regions through their culinary specialties.

Description of the tour: Cathy and Beatrice, Personal chefs from Saveur Provence, will delight you with their cuisine. They will come to your house and will take care of everything, from grocery shopping to the preparation of a 5 courses gourmet menu.

Every dish will be cooked “a la minute” in your kitchen. You will be able to enjoy their flavored and beautiful creations that will embark you through the different French regions. While enjoying a glass of red wine, Celine Glon from Et Voila Paris will present you the Palace of Versailles under Louis XIV “Sun King”. She will reveal all the secrets and anecdotes about life at Versailles besides King Louis XIV, the strict Etiquette, Royal dinners and of course what looked like daily life in the 17th century.

“Flight over France 5 courses menu”
From famous French culinary standards

Provence:  Tomatoes in 3 spins (tomato tatin/stuffed tomato/tomato tartar)

Landes: Trio of foie gras (foie gras macaron/mushroom puff pastry with fois gras sauce/foie gras with onion chutney and speculoos)

Brittany: Scallops in rosemary and ginger, candied lemon and leek fondue

Dordogne: Duck confit parmentier

Paris: Hazelnut cream puff Paris-Brest

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