Tour Details

Type of Tour: Museum Tour

Duration: 4 hours

Daily, except Mondays

Private Tour Guide & Private Driver included

Picasso Museum rates: €6 per/person

Absinthe tasting rates: €15 per/person

Tour Highlights: The old town of Antibes, ramparts, its covered Provencal market, Picasso Museum housed in the fortress of Château Grimaldi, an Absinthe tasting in a quaint shop.

During this tour, your Licensed Tour Guide will take you for a walk through the old town of Antibes. Monet, Scott Fitzgerald, Picasso …many artists succumbed to the charm of Antibes which used to be a Greek fortified town named Antipolis in the 5th century BC.

The natural beauty remains in the Old Town with the ramparts along the sea and the long arched protective wall along the port. There are plenty of little streets for exploring and its covered Provencal market is a festival of fragrances and accents.

Antibes has also its unique Picasso museum, one of the finest collections of Picasso’s work housed in the striking seaside fortress of Château Grimaldi. Finish your tour by experiencing an Absinthe tasting with appetizers in a quaint shop and get the opportunity to taste a small glass of Absinthe, the famous wormwood-based alcoholic beverage so cherished by the French poets in the 19 century.